icomancer for Windows

Add colors and textures to your folders, even your own pictures, embedded as icons or portraits.


  • icomancer has four basic Folder Templates, but you can download more with a free account on our server.
  • icomancer has three basic color palettes, but more can be downloaded for free.
  • icomancer has opaque and translucent textures to set style to your folders.
  • You can use your own pictures as add-on icons or even as portraits for your folders!
  • By registering your free account, you get tech support free for life.


  • Right now icomancer is on beta stage. Bugs may be found.
  • Documentation is not yet complete, but you can rely on the website and online forum.

Add colors and textures to your folders, even your own pictures, embedded as icons or portraits.

icomancer is a folder icons composer for Microsoft Windows® operating systems. Its sole pourpose is to help you to quickly identify specific folders among dozens of folders in your storage devices by embodying a special, easy-to-see, nice-with-the-eye icon you craft in a composition window. You can add colors and textures in your folders, imprint your own pictures, embed add-on icons to set the folder content type and share your creations with our community!

If you create a free account in our community server, you'll be able to download content created by other users and some special deliveries by our design team. That includes: - Extra Folder Templates to match your OS style or any theme assigned with a third-party icon customization app. - More Color Palettes with variations and special effects. - Additional Texture Packs to create opaque textured folders or traslucent texture + color comps. - Add-on icon packs to mark your folders by content type. By sharing your creations, you'll help others to find the images or icons they need and download and apply directly to their folders. Plus, you can rely on our servers as a backup destination for your icomancer images and icons!

icomancer is not an icons editor, but a composer based on templates and content packages. Some pieces of software allow you to assign pre-made icons to your folders, some of them with embedded icons to mark them by content type or relevance. icomancer goes beyond that, allowing you to play with appearance controls and get exactly what you want. And since icomancer works on templates, so you can select from hundreds of permutations for a single destination folder with just a few clicks!

Very handy for users who have hundreds of folders and want to mark those of relevance or importance, ideal for icon package developers and a must-have for customization addicts!

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